Washington Redskins' QB Robert Griffin III: Injury Was a Lesson Learned

By Ricky Allen


Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III has shown that his  injury has been more of an asset than a setback.

In speaking to the media Wednesday, the rookie quarterback (if you’ve forgotten) said that he’s learned a lot from his injury and explained how he’s grown as a quarterback from the experience.

“I think if anything, the injury’s shown me a lot from a quarterback perspective. This game is not easy. It did show me some things easier on myself, easier on my body. Ironically, I’ve done a better job protecting myself since the injury,” he said, “Sliding, getting down, getting all the possible yards I can, and getting out-of-bounds. Sometimes things have to happen like that for you to really, really grasp that. It’s shown me a lot.”

I don’t think anyone wants to recall that day Griffin collided with  Baltimore Ravens Defensive Tackle Haloti Ngata on his way to the ground.  However, this comes along with the territory. We all hold our breath each time he takes off with the ball in a good and bad way. It’s his style, and one of his best attributes. But  he’s a quarterback, not a running back. On the other hand, it’s what the Redskins needed at the QB position.  It’s what we’ve complained about for years.  Donovan McNabb rushed for only 151 yards during his tenure as Quarterback. And Rex Grossman? 11 yards.

RG3 has eclipsed those numbers, rushing for 815 yards.  Against the Dallas Cowboys he rushed for 63 yards, not far from his performance against the New York Giants where he rushed for 72 yards.  It’s hard to say if playing conservatively is the way to go for Griffin. He’s not a guy known for just scrambling 10 yards and running out-of-bounds, and I, a fan like you, am not sure if that’s what I want to see Sunday.

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