2012 NFL Season Heroes And Goats

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NFL Heroes and Goats: Full Season Edition

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Every week in the NFL there are heroes and goats, and now that the season is over, I feel there is a need to list the players who made the season’s list of Heroes and Goats. We saw some amazing performances this year, as well as some absolute duds, I’ll catch you up on who landed in which category for the season right here. This is criteria for the season winners and just because you threw for 4000 yards and 30 touchdowns doesn’t necessarily land you on this list. Of you put up great numbers and you blow the game for your team in the end, you could be a goat. It also works vice versa, it you stink it up all day but make the big plays at the end to win the game, you could wind up being a hero! We don’t know who it’s going to be from week to week; sometimes it’ll be obvious who it’ll be, other times you may be surprised.

This is the NFL where things can change pretty quickly and going from hero to goat may not take much but landing on this list will either be the worst thing that you want to happen or the best thing that ever happened! Hold your breath because here comes the 2012 season ending list of heroes and goats? Did your favorite player male the list? The only way to know is to click here.

The year ending Heroes and Goats, the Heroes list can basically be looked at as an MVP vote:

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5. Goat: Matthew Stafford

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The number 5 goat is Matthew Stafford. Sure he passed for a ton of yards just chucking the ball up to Calvin Johnson but 24 touchdowns and 17 interceptions is not great. Nor was the Lions record of 4-12 after going 10-6 and making the playoffs last year. Detroit had much bigger plans for this season and instead they took a step backwards and for that, Stafford lands on the goat list.

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4. Goat: Norv Turner

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Goat number 4 is Norv Turner. The Chargers coach couldn’t get his team to play well for most of the year and in the end, they finished six games back in the AFC West and failed to finish at .500! How can any decent team finish under .500 in the AFC West with the Chiefs and Raiders being as bad as they were? It just goes to show that Norv still isn’t head coaching material. You also land on this list if the Urban Dictionary names a phrase after you. The Chargers definitely got Norved.

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3. Goat: Arizona Cardinals QB's

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The number 3 goat is actually a collection of goats, the Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks. Kevin Kolb, Ryan Lindley and John Skelton were all equally horrific this season. Shame on you guys for tarnishing the great Larry Fitzgerald’s legacy and wasting a year of his prime. Now when people look at his stats they’ll say, ‘wow, he really stunk that year,’ but those who lived through it with Fitzy will know the real story. It was likely the worst collection of quarterbacks ever assembled.

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2. Goat: Andy Reid

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Number 2 goat, Andy Reid. Reid cost himself a job by failing to lead the Eagles in the playoffs, but even worse than that, they had an eight game losing streak and finished 4-12, after starting the season at 3-1. With all that talent in Philadelphia, your finish at 4-12 and in the basement of the NFC East? It was a shocking development to say the least and Andy Reid lands at number two on the goat list, which is ironic because I’m guessing plenty of people want to throw a ‘number 2’ on Reid’s house and car.

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1. Goat: Mark Sanchez

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The number 1 goat on the year is Mark Sanchez. He brought a ton of goat moments on the year, most notably the infamous ‘Butt-Fumble’ but his season was full of mistakes. He threw 13 touchdowns, 18 interceptions, and threw for less than 3,000 yards. The Jets underachieved, depending on who you ask, and it was a disaster of a year for Mark Sanchez.

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5. Hero: Marshawn Lynch

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To kick-off the Hero list is Marshawn Lynch at number 5. His numbers were outstanding, rushing for 1,590 yards and 11 touchdowns on his way to leading the Seahawks to an 11-5 record. He was one of the most consistent running backs in the league week in and week out and he was overlooked because of how good rookie Russell Wilson was. But there is no way Wilson does what he does without Lynch being in ‘Beast-Mode’ all year.

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4. Hero: Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers is hero number 4. He carried the Packers all season long and led them to an NFC North Title despite all the injuries the Packers suffered on offense and despite playing behind a dysfunctional offensive line. His impressive numbers of 41 touchdowns and 8 interceptions land him on the Hero list.

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3. Hero: Tom Brady

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Hero number 3 is Tom Brady. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how good Tom Brady is because we’re so used to it but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to get the credit. When more is expected of you and you still come through for your team, that screams hero to me. He threw 38 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions in leading the Patriots to an AFC East division title.

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2. Hero: Peyton Manning

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The number 2 hero is Peyton Manning. He led the Denver Broncos to the top seed in the AFC Conference and a 13-3 record. All of this was done in his first season back from neck surgery and for a new team. But the NFL is also about numbers and 37 touchdowns and 11 interceptions is pretty good. Manning never disappoints and lands on the hero list.

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1. Hero: Adrian Peterson

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Hero number 1 for the NFL this season is Adrian Peterson. I’m really not sure anyone else could land in the top spot because what Peterson did was amazing. He rushed for 2,097 yards and 12 touchdowns, falling just nine yards short of the single-season rushing record. He did this all coming back from a devastating injury at the end of last year and not missing a beat. He led the Vikings to the playoffs by carrying the team on his back. He was able to be astoundingly productive despite tough odds because of the quarterback play. Adrian Peterson is Hero number 1 and I’m not sure it’s close.