AFC Wild Card Game Will Be Close In Houston

By Andy Schmidt
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The time has finally come for the playoffs in the National Football League and this weekend brings the wild card round. The opener on Saturday in the AFC is the No. 6 seed Cincinnati Bengals on the road to face the No. 3 seeded Houston Texans at 4:30 p.m. Eastern on NBC. This game seemed like a blowout just a few weeks ago but has now turned into a very competitive game that could go both ways.

Cincinnati has been streaking to the finish line behind Andy Dalton and A.J. Green while Houston has bumbled and stumbled from being one win from the top seed all the way down to losing out on a first-round bye. Houston has had a ton of issues in the past few weeks with their running game and Arian Foster and for some reason just hasn’t seemed interested in getting grossly out-played. If Cincinnati can jump on the Texans early in this one, Houston may begin to panic and get away from their game plan.

If I was picking this game three weeks ago, I would have told you that Houston would win by at least three touchdowns. That is definitely not the case anymore with what has gone on recently. This game will go down to the final five minutes with a late turnover deciding the winner. I think Houston will get that turnover and will pull out a 23-21 victory. It isn’t going to be exciting or pretty for the Texans but should be effective enough to get the job done.

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