Buffalo Bills Would Make a Big Mistake Hiring Lovie Smith

By gilgerard
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills are in the process of hiring a new head coach and rumors are floating around Lovie Smith is a finalist for that position. As a Chicago Bears fan, I can say that move would be a major mistake for the Bills. Lovie Smith had some good years with the Bears, sure. However, he’s basically the worst offensive mind in the history of football and he would immediately bring the Bills offense down. It doesn’t matter how talented they are, they won’t be able to get the job done.

The Bills are a team that aren’t that far away. They need a QB that makes good decisions, another playmaker on the outside to match with Stevie Johnson, and a few guys on defense. Lovie Smith would likely build up the defense, but again- the offense would be a travesty.

Look, Lovie Smith would make a great defensive coordinator for any team. As a head coach though? He’s mediocre. Is he a guy people will play for? Yes, and that’s very important and I wouldn’t want to take that away from him. However, a head coach has to be good at all facets of the game to be considered quality. Lovie Smith does not have the offensive mind a team will need and it was VERY frustrating to watch as a Bears fan.

I do hope AND think Lovie will get a coordinators job somewhere, but as a head coach? That would be a mistake. The Bills have made plenty of mistakes before and I hope they start making some good decisions. The NFL is better when the Bills are contending.

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