Dallas Cowboys Should Have A New Offensive Coordinator Next Season, But Who?

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago Jerry Jones brought up the idea of making changes to the Dallas Cowboys, more specifically, adding an offensive coordinator to call the plays for Jason Garrett. This was before the infamous radio rant from yesterday so who knows what Jones is thinking about doing.

However, if today is any indication, no one has a clue who would be brought in to help Garrett and the offense. Two reports, both from ESPNDallas.com writers, have shot down the two most likely candidates to call the plays for the Cowboys offense.

Tim MacMahon doesn’t believe that Norv Turner is the solution for the Cowboys because he would take too much of the authority away from Jason Garrett in the locker room. He feels it’s much easier to hand those duties over to current offensive coordinator Bill Callahan since he’s already on the staff and Garrett is comfortable with him.

However, Todd Archer doesn’t agree with that assessment and feels that Callahan’s scheme is not the same as Garrett’s and therefore wouldn’t make the ideal fit. And while Archer doesn’t bring up Turner’s name either it’s safe to assume that he doesn’t buy the former offensive coordinator either.

Well somebody’s got to do it! If there is one thing every Cowboys fan can agree on, it’s that Jason Garrett needs to step back as the play-caller and be more of a coach to his team. If it’s not either one of the two guys most people think are best suited for the job, then who can they turn to? I’m not disagreeing with either writer’s perspective because both have valid arguments but for goodness sake’s there’s got to be a name someone likes.

I want someone to call the plays on game days for the Cowboys and I’m fine with it being Callahan. I could care less the schemes supposedly don’t mesh. Callahan likes the West Coast offense but Garrett’s offense is more of a down the field type of offense, big deal. The point is the offense needs an infusion of energy and a new personality. There’s nothing wrong with adding some wrinkles to the offense and making it less predictable. Let’s also remember, Callahan does have experience as a play caller.

I’m not knocking Norv Turner or any other coordinator they want to bring in, I just hope they bring in someone because what they are doing right now isn’t good enough.

And if we’ve learned anything in the past few days by listening to Jerry Jones, it’s that nothing they’ve done is good enough.

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