Gregg Williams Has No One To Blame But Himself

By Andy Schmidt
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a terrible year for Gregg Williams. Williams got suspended by the National Football League indefinitely for his involvement in the bounty scandal with the New Orleans Saints and after finding a job with the St. Louis Rams before the suspension was given and not getting to coach one game, Williams has been shown the door. Williams has no one to blame but himself for this one though.

There was no reason for any bounties while in New Orleans and especially during the Super Bowl run for the Saints. There is never any reason to ever have a bounty on anyone and Williams is paying the price for his stupidity. I don’t think he will ever get another job in the NFL. Williams is a great defensive mind but you can be sure that Williams is going to be shunned by a lot of teams who don’t want his name anyway in their organization.

The best place for Williams to go would likely be in the Canadian Football League where maybe he can get his name back in good graces. Right now, there is no way any NFL team is going to hire Williams. If Williams does go to Canada and has any success at all, he may be in line to return to a NFL team sometime in the next three or four years or whenever his suspension is lifted. It is going to be a long and very tough road for Williams ahead and no one really knows where he will end up but it won’t be anywhere in the NFL anytime soon or ever again.

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