Indianapolis Colts: History Shows With Win over Ravens Will Lead to Super Bowl Appearance

By Eric Smith
James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have been to the Super Bowl twice in the last six seasons. The first came in 2007 when they upset the Baltimore Ravens 15-6 in the divisional round in Baltimore. They went on to beat the New England Patriots at home in the AFC Championship Game and made their first appearance in the big game since moving to Indianapolis.

The Colts also went to the Super Bowl exactly three years later in 2010 and once again the road to Super Sunday went through a matchup with the Ravens.This time the game was in Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts dropped Baltimore 20-3 en route to yet another AFC Championship Game and Super Bowl berth.

Fast forward another three years and the road to the Super Bowl will yet again go through Baltimore. Instead of a divisional matchup in primetime, it will be a wildcard contest early Sunday afternoon. History and numbers are on the Colts’ side. Both Super Bowl runs occurred with a game against the Ravens.

Another eerie similarity is the run and matchups occurred every three years.

Well, 2007, 2010, and 2013? It all makes too much sense as the stars are aligning for Indianapolis. Their storybook Hollywood script can add this chapter to it’s already emotional tearjerker. Both teams have so much history as the Colts obviously moved from Baltimore in 1984 for Indianapolis. Mix that with the hatred and how both coaching staffs know the other city well.

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was the Ravens defensive coordinator last season and knows this franchise very well. Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell was the Colts’ head coach 2009-2011 and led the team to their second Super Bowl berth. He knows some of the Colts’ players, but the system and personnel is used totally different know and can’t use any of his previous knowledge or it will hurt him badly. It doesn’t get much better than this though if you’re a Colts fan. If they win Sunday it’s safe to say a Super Bowl berth may indeed happen.

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