NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Looking At An Offensive Play Caller?

By Riley Schmitt
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Norv Turner may have lost his job but he may not be unemployed long. There are a lot of teams that want him to come in as a play caller and the NFL rumors around him are heating up. There is a certain team in the NFC that looks like a match right now.

So we could end up with Turner calling plays for the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo.  Where do I sign up for this?  The comedy potential is off the charts with these two guys.  I mean, Turner and Philip Rivers was great.  Think about how awesome Turner and Romo could be.  We would have to watch every Cowboys game.

In all seriousness, this does make a lot of sense.  Turner would probably be just fine as a play caller and the Cowboys do need someone with a decent amount of experience in that.  The comedy potential is there but Turner could also help the Cowboys become more consistent on offense.  That is one of the big things holding the team back, so Turner would certainly help address that issue.

We will see if this comes to fruition.  I know that it would make a lot of football fans happy.  They might not be Cowboys fans, but they would be happy.  With the rumor mill just heating up, things like this will keep popping up.

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