NFL Rumors: Where has Andy Reid decided to Coach Next?

By Scott DelleFave
Reid, Andy 1
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid met with the Kansas City Chiefs for nine hours yesterday and apparently didn’t board his plane to Arizona today as he was schedule to do. As a result of this speculation is running wild that the 54-year old Reid and the Chiefs are close to or already reached a deal.

I think if Reid in fact does go to Kansas City and takes the reigns over there, it would be an interesting fit because the Chiefs are much more focused on the run then then pass, especially with established running back, Jamaal Charles. Plus currently injured and number one wide receiver Dwayne Bowe has been at odds with this team for almost two complete seasons and is unlikely to return.

This could also mean that the Chiefs would have their pick at quarterbacks coming out for the 2013 NFL Draft as they have the first overall pick come April. Since the Chiefs are seemingly a good quarterback and head  coach away from being a two win team into a eight or nine win team.

With bringing in Reid, there are some questions that Kansas City’s brain trust hopefully asked, including his personal well-being since he looked burnt out this year especially after his son passed away during training camp. Reid has been a NFL head  coach for the last fourteen seasons, and he deserves at least a year or two off to clear his mind recharge the proverbial batteries for a second career surge wherever he were to go.

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