NFL Rumors: Which NFL Coach Could Still Be Fired?

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Mike Mularkey
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Black Monday in the NFL has already come and gone, but one head coach may still be sitting on the hot seat.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey still has his job for now following a 2-14 season in his first year on the job, but there are reports that it is unlikely that the new general manager will retain Mularkey as head coach. On Monday, Jaguars owner Shahid Khan fired general manager Gene Smith but said he would let his new GM make the decision as to whether or not to let Mularkey get another chance at leading the Jaguars.

This is now the second time Mularkey has had the general manager that hired him fired after only one season on the job, which seems like a bit of bad luck for a guy who has had a tremendous amount of success as an offensive coordinator in the league. However, when Mularkey took the job he knew that his future was going to be directly tied to Smith and his quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

There were also reports late in the season that Mularkey was not a popular figure among players in the Jaguars locker room as the players blamed his tough practices for the significant amount of injuries the team suffered this season.

The Jaguars general manager search is moving forward at a furious pace and it would not be surprising if Khan has his guy in place by the end of the week. If so, Mularkey could be out of a job by the weekend as the new Jaguars GM would like to get a quick start on bringing in his new coach.

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