Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos Have Two Weeks to Prepare for First Playoff Game

By Mark Stringer
Ron Chenoy – US Presswire

The Denver Broncos have the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs, which means they will have two weeks to prepare for their first opponent. They won’t know who that opponent will be until after the first round is played, but you can bet that the Broncos’ coaching staff and QB Peyton Manning will have the troops preparing every chance they get.

If I were the Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts or Cincinnati Bengals, who are the possible teams that the Broncos will face in the divisional round, I would be worried about the Broncos having two weeks of preparation.

Denver may have the greatest masterminded quarterback that has ever played in Manning and a solid head coach in John Fox. Then you add the fact that John Elway is the Vice President of Football Operations and you have a group of masterminds preparing for two weeks.

I would be willing to bet that there will be countless hours and some of those will be into the early morning of film watching and studying. If there is a weakness of their opponent or something that the Broncos need to work on you can bet they will find it and perfect it to the best of their ability.

The Broncos can win it all this year and if they put together an effective game plan and execute it they way they need to then I see no reason they won’t win in the divisional round and probably meet the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game.

At that point, the game plan will need to be next to perfect and executed as such to get past the Tom Brady-led Patriots. Consider Manning and company up for the challenge.


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