St. Louis Rams Finally Move On from Gregg Williams

By Anthony Blake
Gregg Williams fired by St. Louis Rams
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In a not so shocking move on Wednesday, the St. Louis Rams announced that they were severing ties with suspended defensive coordinator Gregg Williams officially as well as his son, Blake Williams, who served as the club’s linebackers coach in 2012. With all of the negativity surrounding Williams as a result from the Bounty Gate scandal with the New Orleans Saints, the only surprise is that it took the team this long to come to this decision. Fans shouldn’t worry, however, because their defense will be just fine without Williams and will continue to build on the success that they saw this past season.

There was no finite defensive coordinator during this past season, but Head Coach Jeff Fisher has a great defensive mind and his assistant head coach Dave McGinnis is also quite adept on that side of the ball. The way that those two handled the duties during this past year, it almost makes you wonder if the team even needs a traditional coordinator on the staff.

The Rams ranked 14th in the NFL in total defense this season after finishing 22nd in that category the season before. Fisher and McGinnis were able to take many of the same players and turn them into a successful, well-oiled defensive machine just with a bit of coaching. The team had its first duo of double-digit sack artists in Robert Quinn and Chris Long since the year 2000. There is no reason to expect that production to diminish any time soon as those two are only going to get stronger along with several other young faces on that unit.

Some have suggested that Lovie Smith, former Chicago Bears head coach, could fit quite nicely into the coordinator role with the Rams. Last offseason after Fisher was hired as the head coach, the talk was loud about assembling a dream coaching staff and just what that would entail. Adding a mind like Smith’s to the staff would certainly qualify as a dream hire for a team destined to do big things in 2012.

For now, the Rams will assess their situation and begin to sort out exactly what their next step is very soon. The firing of the Williams’ basically opens the door for a number of possibilities and that is exciting for fans that want to see a winner in St. Louis next season.

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