Stevie Brown In For Long-Term Deal?

By Andrew Lecointe
Jim O’Connor — US Presswire

The 2012 season for the New York Giants has been a disappointment after getting off to another solid start but finishing poorly in the second half yet again. The Giants didn’t have many bright spots to look at when evaluating the performance of the players. However, one player who shined the brightest wasn’t even expected to have much of a role at all.

Safety Stevie Brown replaced an injured Kenny Phillips after the fourth game of the season. Brown, who previously had been with the Indianapolis Colts and the Oakland Raiders, filled in admirably for Phillips. Brown got it started with a bang, recording two interceptions and a fumble recovery in his first start with the Giants.

Brown would end the season with eight interceptions, which is second in the entire league. Brown has earned NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors twice this season, a first for a Giants’ player. The eight interceptions Brown racked up are the most by a Giants’ player in a single season in over 40 years.

Now that the season is over, Brown is heading into free agency this off-season. It isn’t clear what the Giants plan on doing with Brown, but it might be in their best interest to keep him. However, at what cost do you keep him? Brown could use this season’s performance as a ticket to a lucrative long-term deal. Do the Giants take a chance and pay him when this is the only season he’s performed this way?

It’s certainly a question worth asking over and over before making a final decision. Brown came into the season without any interceptions in his career. That will most likely make Giants’ brass wonder how efficient and consistent he can be from season to season. The status of Brown will most likely be determined by the status of Phillips as well.

Phillips is also a free agent this off-season. Some indications are the Giants will bring him back, but others indicate he’s too injury prone and the Giants don’t have a problem parting with him. The Giants certainly looked much better with Phillips on the field, so I think the Giants should definitely try to get him back for cheap.

The Giants should also try to get Brown signed for cheap as well. The Giants have other players to sign. Don’t blow money on an unproven player.

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