5 NFC Teams With Biggest Bandwagon Fans

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5 NFC Teams With Biggest Bandwagon Fans

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I am a Dallas Cowboys fan and I’ve got the pictures as a young boy to prove it so. However, there are probably tons of other people who switch teams left and right depending on what team is winning. We have a name for those people; they are called bandwagon fans. Chances are that you know plenty of them. Of course, it doesn’t start out that way but we all do silly things sometimes. For instance, I have a friend who grew up a San Francisco 49ers fan but now roots for the New England Patriots. Quite the combo, I know.

He’s not alone though, all across this country of our there are plenty of fans who switch teams more than they switch their socks. Some of NFL teams are favored because they were good at one time or another, while others get their bandwagon from the colors they wear but either way it’s something that shouldn’t be tolerated at an age older than 10. I couldn't care less who your favorite team is but I what I do care about is that you stick to that team.

No more rooting for a team that isn’t ‘your favorite’ because they happen to be having a really good year and your team stinks. I root for the Cowboys and nobody takes more grief than us but you don’t see any of us walking around switching teams do you? And to all you grown-ups: don’t hide behind the team your kid picks, they don’t know any better.

So here are the top 5 NFC teams that have bandwagon jumpers, I hope you’re not one of them:

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5. Chicago Bears Fans

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Chicago Bears fans come in at number 5. They like to play like they're big and tough from the black and blue division and even though they are very passionate, they still like to come and go with the Bears success. They tend to be very vocal when the Bears are good and very quiet when the Bears are bad; it seems to be one extreme or the other with Bears fans.

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4 New Orleans Saints Fans

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The New Orleans Saints come in at number 4 because let’s be honest, until five years ago, no one would admit to being a Saints fan. They get the right coach and the right quarterback and now there appears to be tons of New Orleans fans. Winning the Super Bowl a few years ago helps,as winning always does, and now Saints have picked up more fans than they’ve ever had. You’ll see that bandwagon get pretty light if the Saints go back into the tank.

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3. San Francisco 49ers Fans

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San Francisco 49ers fans are 3rd on the list. They used to be well represented in the 1980’s and 90’s but they’ve been pretty quiet up until last year. These fans are never heard from when the Niners are bad but as soon as they get a little taste of success, here they come again. Not only that, they like to claim they’ve always been 49ers fans. Bull, I’ve been in the bars on Sunday’s for the better part of 10 years now and I’m just starting to see Niners jerseys.

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2. Washington Redskins Fans

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Number 2 on the list are the Washington Redskins fans. These fans never make a peep when they’re team is bad, which explains why you haven’t heard much from them recently, but they like to boast very loudly when they are on top. I actually didn’t know they existed anymore until this year, and now we all have to deal with them. These are the types of fans who have disappeared since the late 80’s, early 90’s and now wants to dress up like lady pigs again. That tells you everything you need to know about the bandwagon, not only does it fill up, it comes with costumes!

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1. Dallas Cowboys Fans

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The number 1 bandwagon fans are the fans of the Dallas Cowboys. You don’t get to be the most popular and most valuable franchise in the NFL without picking up a few million people for the bandwagon. The fact that they are on primetime almost every week, get the best television ratings and tick people off the most when they’re good tells you the bandwagon is full. Nobody hates against the team with the least amount of fans; nope, they root against the team with the most fans and that’s the Dallas Cowboys. They aren’t all fake and bandwagon jumpers but there are plenty of them in the fan base. Congrats on finally winning something Cowboys, your fans are the biggest bandwagon jumpers in the NFC.