Anonymous New Orleans Saints Player Makes A Good Point About Steve Spagnuolo

By Alejandro Aviles
Steve Spagnuolo
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Controversy never seems to be too far from the New Orleans Saints these days. The most recent controversy surrounding the team is the anonymous Saints player that said that defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo should be fired. The unknown player said that every defensive player was frustrated and that Spagnuolo “treated them like crap.”

Whether or not the claims this player made are true are still up for question. However, this player did bring up a great point about Spagnuolo and that is should he be fired? Under Spagnuolo the Saints had the worst defense in the NFL this season and maybe the worst of all time?

The Saints’ defense gave up an NFL record 7,042 yards this season and ranked last nearly across the board in defense. This season the Saints ranked last in total defense and run defense, ranked 31st in passing defense and points allowed, and ranked 29th in total sacks. This is not the kind of production the Saints had in mind when the team they hired Spagnuolo in the off-season.

I think the anonymous player has a point, and the Saints should seriously consider firing Spagnuolo because he could not get it done as the defensive coordinator this season. I really do not think the Saints’ defense could get much worse and it would not be too much of a risk to bring in a new defensive coordinator. Furthermore, if it is true that Spagnuolo does not have the respect of the players then he needs to be fired.

Only time will tell if the Saints choose to let go of Spagnuolo but at this point the anonymous player has made a great point. However, he should not have gone about it the way he did and should have kept this controversy in house. But what’s done is done and now the team will have to live with it. One thing is for sure, something must change for the Saints on defense and it might start with the defensive coordinator.

Alejandro Aviles is the Featured Writer for the New Orleans Saints at Rant Sports @aaviles312

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