Denver Broncos Have an Off Week; Not a Bye Week

By Joe Morrone
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

There are bye weeks in the regular season and there are bye weeks in the postseason; they are not created equal. The Denver Broncos do not play this weekend but no one is leaving town, and no one is taking a break from football. A bye week in the regular season is designed to be a break from the grind; players and coaches usually leave town for a few days and forget about the game for awhile. This week, however, no one at Dove Valley is headed to the airport or watching a movie instead of game film.

The Broncos are already in full preparation mode for their January 12th playoff game and if it’s possible, they have even kicked it up a notch. On Thursday, John Fox had the number one offense going against the number one defense and the players loved it. There are reports that the trash talk was at an all-time high and the loudest person on the field was some guy named Peyton Manning. After the offense scored in a red zone drill, Manning grabbed the ball and spiked it in front of his defensive teammates.

Linebacker Wesley Woodyard sort of laughed the spike off but then quickly added; “We don’t like to lose to anyone, even in practice.” Fellow linebacker Von Miller was not impressed with Manning’s spike saying, “It wasn’t as good as my sack dances.”  Both sides claimed victory after practice which is what you would expect from a team that has won 11 in a row; they aren’t willing to concede anything.

If anyone of the Broncos potential opponents in the divisional round were hoping that the Broncos would be flat because they hadn’t played in two weeks; they better rethink that. They Broncos are playing the best team in the league this week; themselves.

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