Dez Bryant Was Highlight Of Dallas Cowboys Season

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sitting here watching the Cotton Bowl with the Heisman Trophy winner, Johnny Manziel, leading Texas A&M down the field and a thought popped into my head. No, not that the Dallas Cowboys would sure look good with Johnny Football leading them sometime soon, but one word entered my head, excitement. Manziel brings that on every play and I really enjoy watching him.

Then something else popped into my head and it had to do with the enthusiasm Manziel brings. It reminds us all of what being young and enjoying life is all about; it’s why people love college football. You get the band, the traditions, the fans and all that excitement every week! Even though I love the NFL and think the product is vastly better, there is something to be said about the energy of college football.

Then I realized the Dallas Cowboys have somebody who excites and energizes too, wide receiver Dez Bryant. For me, watching him mature into a game breaking player was the highlight of the season for me. Cowboys fans have been waiting for Bryant to become the type of player that excited us and to become a game changer, he did that this year.

Was it not fun watching Bryant explode for Dallas in the second half of the season? Was Dezember not one of the most exciting things to be associated with the Cowboys in a long time? It had become a trend on twitter, along with the ‘X’ that Dez threw up after every touchdown. It was awesome to watch Dez late in the season and it was a great feeling knowing that no one could stop him. Not even a fractured finger could slow Bryant down; and how inspiring was that? A guy playing with an injury even though he was advised to stop playing because of it!

Even though the Cowboys fell short of most of our expectations, Dez Bryant will be one of the players who actually met them this year. He brought energy to the Cowboys and made big plays when the team needed one.

There are other reasons to be happy with what the Dallas Cowboys did this year, but for me, the highlight of the Cowboys season was watching Dez Bryant play.

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