NFL MVP Race Brings Out Different Personalities in Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson

By Mark Stringer
Brace Hemmelgarn – US Presswire

When discussing the NFL MVP award, Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson and Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning come across very differently with their personalities.

When Manning was asked about if he was the NFL’s MVP his response was as simple as, “Well, certainly it’s about our team.”

You can take this comment of Manning’s and make it sound however you want, but it certainly doesn’t show that he is worried about what he gets. What he wants is a Broncos Super Bowl victory and I’m sure he would love a Super Bowl MVP award. That’s his ultimate goal. You could take it as though he’s trying to say, ‘look at the Broncos and see what we have accomplished.’ He may think that the award should go to a player who has led a team like the Broncos to an elite team.

When Peterson was asked if he should be the NFL MVP his response sounded much different as he said, “In my heart, I believe I’m the MVP. Whether I win it or not, I feel I’m the MVP.”

You can’t look at this comment any way but one. Peterson thinks he should be the MVP and even if he doesn’t get it he will think that he should have. I think this is a very disrespectful comment. First of all, if someone besides him wins the award, he’s saying that they don’t deserve it. It would have sounded much better had he said that if he doesn’t get it that there are a few other deserving candidates as well. It’s great that he’s very confident in himself, but as a professional athlete, you’ve got to show support to your teammates in situations like this.

Obviously, Manning and Peterson are two very different NFL personalities, but it’s clear who’s in it for the team and who’s in it for personal gain. Hopefully the voters will keep that in mind as they vote on the NFL’s most valuable player.

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