NFL Rumors: Andy Reid Cancels Meeting with the Arizona Cardinals

By Kase Brammer
Andy Reid
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

A league source says the Kansas City Chiefs are close to announcing that Andy Reid will be the next head coach of the team. With the announcement comes the rumor that Reid’s party has canceled a meeting with the Arizona Cardinals on Friday. This might come as a shock to some fans, but I believe Reid sees an easier fix in Kansas City than the one in Arizona. The Cardinals offense is in shambles and has no running back, quarterback or a real offensive line.

The Chiefs did not comment, but that same source believes the team will announce the hire tomorrow. The Chiefs seem to have so much confidence in Reid that they did not schedule any other interviews. Reid will inherit one of the best running backs in the league and you can be sure Reid will not misuse him like the coaches before him. RB Jamaal Charles finished the year with over 1,500 rushing yards and was the lone bright spot in a season filled with tragedy off the field and disappointment on the field.

This really leaves two options open for the Cardinals. They will either hire DC Ray Horton immediately or they will search for a GM and have him make the final decision on the next head coach. Horton’s interview went well with the owners and he is excited to lead this team in the future. The real question will be, who does he hire as offensive coordinator to fix the mess? I honestly do not know of anybody who can at the moment. It might be up to the new GM to bring in enough players to get someone confident enough to come in with success on their mind now as opposed to the future.

Reid canceling the meeting is disappointing to me because he is a big named coach that will inspire big named players to come play in Arizona. That door is shut now and the Cardinals will be looking to make a decision on whether or not to take the wait and see approach or take the leap right now to put confidence behind the hire of Horton.

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