NFL Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs Target Packers Staff for New GM

By Curt Popejoy
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like once a story in the NFL gets a little momentum, it really picks up speed in a hurry. Yesterday, for the Kansas City Chiefs an onslaught on information, and let’s be honest, misinformation began to surface about their head coach and general manager situation. The situation we know now is this: Andy Reid is the new Chiefs head coach and has a five year deal in place. He’s also going to have a tremendous amount of control over the personnel decisions on the team. We also know that general manager Scott Pioli is set to be relieved of his duties, leaving a vacancy there. So the next question is, who will replace Pioli? Well, I might have the answer.

Please understand this is only a rumor that was passed onto me. A quick Twitter search reveals that it is picking up steam, as well. The man Chiefs owner Clark Hunt and Reid want to be the next general manager is current Green Bay Packers director of football operations, John Dorsey. Let me repeat, I am not reporting this has happened, and I am not reporting he is hired. I am simply passing on credible information I have that Dorsey is the target at this point.

A little bit on Dorsey: he was the Packers scouting director for more than a decade, and was a scout for many years before that. In May of this past year he took the post of director of football operations. He’s 52 years old and has been part of the Packers organization for over 20 years. He’s also a former Packers player, and also did a short stint as head of player personnel for the Seattle Seahawks. He is widely respected across the league for his ability to evaluate and select talent.

My take-If there is a slam dunk of slam dunks for the next general manager of the Chiefs, it’s probably Dorsey. He’s got gobs of experience and if you look at the track record of the Packers during his time, it’s been rock solid. The problem with it is, I am not sure he’d leave his new post with the Packers to go to Kansas City. When I first heard about this, my thought was, “perfect choice, but he’ll never go”. That of course can change but at this point, I think the Chiefs should leave their options open, because it’s going to take an awful lot of pull Dorsey South.


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