NFL Will Revisit The Tuck Rule During Off-Season

By Riley Schmitt
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has plenty of wacky rules, but the Tuck Rule might take the cake. The rule came into prominence thanks to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, but it spends most of its time driving fans absolutely insane. Luckily for us, the league is going to look at the rule in the off-season and I hope they get rid of it.

“This is going to be part of a bigger discussion in the offseason of QB pass/fumbles and the tuck rule with the Competition Committee,” Blandino said. “This will be discussed in the offseason.”

See, it is about time that this changes and the advent of replay can only help.  Every turnover is reviewable now, so the onus on getting the call right on the field is a little bit less.  The Tuck Rule ended up costing the Oakland Raiders a shot at the Super Bowl, so you know their fans probably think it is too late to look at this rule.

There are times when a QB is bringing the ball up and he does not mean to throw the ball.  However, the rule considers that as an attempt at a forward pass.  He could just be pump faking but that does not matter.  It would be incomplete.  That is such an odd rule and I am glad that the league might finally strike it from the books.

There are some rules that are pretty hard to understand.  Getting rid of this rule is a good first step in clarifying some of the wackier points of football.

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