Scott Pioli Set to be Fired From Kansas City Chiefs

By Curt Popejoy
Scott Pioli

There was chain of events that were set into motion at the end of the NFL regular season for the Kansas City Chiefs that appears to be nearing it’s conclusion. For the bulk of the season this team has been a disappointment and for fans, players, and staff it was a look ahead to 2013 and how things could be different. The first pin to fall was former head coach Romeo Crennel was fired. But troubled general manager Scott Pioli was left on the payroll, seemingly as a temporary measure until a replacement could be found. Today is it to be made official that the Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is going to go ahead and relieve Pioli of his duties, so that this team can move forward.

Yesterday I reported here that Andy Reid was set to sign with the Chiefs as their new head coach. At that point I speculated that the reasoning behind hiring a head coach with the cache’ of Reid was to facilitate an easier dismissal of Pioli. Later in the day, I discussed the poor fit of Chip Kelly with the chiefs here, that adding Kelly would not have allowed Hunt to remove Pioli as easily. At this point it seems that was the case because adding in Reid gives them a head coach with extensive player personnel experience and give Hunt much more freedom in who he hires to replace Pioli, should he replace him at all.

My take-This was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. Pioli was one of the architects of the New England Patriots dynasty, but at this point one has to wonder if it happened because of Pioli or in spite of him, because poor draft picks and free agent signings have been his calling card in his short tenure in Kansas City. Perhaps a fresh start on a new team will work for Pioli, but it’s clear that he was not a good fit in Kansas City. This is a team in search of a quarterback so hopefully the combination of Reid and a new general manager can make that happen. If you want to keep in the loop for all the latest in Kansas City Chiefs news, I strongly recommend you give @SaveOurChiefs a follow on Twitter, as they are a strong group of passionate fans who are tracking this entire situation very closely and are a vital resource for Chiefs fans.


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