Washington Redskins' London Fletcher Deserves A Great Season, And Respect

By Ricky Allen
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins Linebacker London Fletcher isn’t a rock star, he’s a hard worker.

No, you’re not going to see him in any Subway commercials, no theatrics that you will remember.  You won’t see him dancing, leaping, or flipping.  He’s a quietly driven individual.  Because of that, he doesn’t stand out. He doesn’t turn heads on ESPN. You’ll only hear his name when he plays and when he’s interviewed on Redskins Nation, maybe CSN Washington.

This is why he’s an  alternate in the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl, because he doesn’t rock the boat hard enough. Last season, Fletcher led the league with a combined 166 tackles. This season he hasn’t slowed down, already racking up a combined 139 tackles.  Will anyone talk about it? Nope.  Why? Because he doesn’t have that “X – Factor”.  You know, the old “Hey do remember that hit London Fletcher put on…”   It’s a shame, because the man deserves more respect than what he’s given. Here’s a guy who keeps silent under his helmet, keeps it professional when he’s had more than enough chances to gripe, and consistently looks for the good in every situation.

Fletcher may be one of three people (the others being Chis Cooley and Santana Moss) who deserves to have a good year like this.  It’s ridiculous because I almost hope the game is more about Fletcher than Robert Griffin III. At least people will have to recognize his body of work, rather than cast him as nothing more than a supporting actor.  Fletcher is the mindset of the team, the beating heart of the Redskins nation.

One day, everyone will recognize that.

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