10 Most Disappointing NFL Teams of 2012

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10 Most Disappointing Teams of 2012

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The 2012 NFL regular season has finally come to an end as everyone focuses on the playoffs and who will be the next Super Bowl champions.

This season was filled with ups and downs starting with the fiasco of the replacement referees at the beginning of the year and ending with some of the best rookie play the NFL has ever seen.

As the year went on, some of the usual powerhouses that are normally dominating the league have continued to do so such as the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. With the usual big names performing well there have also been a very names that have drastically improved this season.

Three Rookie quarterbacks have led their team to a winning season and a playoff berth in the Indianapolis Colts, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Washington Redskins. The Colts when from a 2-14 season to a playoff berth in just one year. The Minnesota Vikings are another team that improved this year to make it into the post season.

Along with these improving teams, there are a few that have been a huge disappointment in the 2012 season. From last year’s Super Bowl champions to the Kansas City Chiefs who only had two wins, teams have disappointed there organization and their fans.

Teams that have been accustomed to being in the playoffs and making championship runs, have fallen this year and missed the postseason entirely. Taking a look at all the teams that have fallen short of their goals, here are the top 10 most disappointing teams this season:

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10. Arizona Cardinals

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After starting with a 4-0 record, the Arizona Cardinals went on to lose nine straight games making fans forget about their promising start.

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9. Carolina Panthers

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The Carolina Panthers still have not been able to get to the playoffs with another year under Cam Newton. The Panthers started off with a 1-6 record.

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8. Detroit Lions

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The Detroit Lions have a strong defense and one of the best receivers in the league. With a big arm at quarterback, the Lions miss out on the playoffs again this year.

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7. San Diego Chargers

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The San Diego Chargers have missed the playoffs three years in a row now even with the talent on the team. They can't seem to get things together as they spend another postseason at home.

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6. New Orleans Saints

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No one really knew how well the New Orleans Saints were going to be without their head coach but they are still a very talented team. With one of the best quarterbacks the Saints miss out on the postseason.

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5. Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team that usual make some noise in the playoffs. This year they are absent from the postseason with an 8-8 record.

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4. Philadelphia Eagles

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The Philadelphia Eagles should be an explosive team with some great talent but this season they were nothing close to that. They went on an eight game losing streak and finished the season with only four wins.

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3. Dallas Cowboys

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In a close race for the playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys lose a must win against a division rival and miss the playoffs. Dallas is a talented team that could not get consistency at the quarterback position.

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2. Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears started off hot before their season came to an end early. The Bears are the only 10 win team to miss out on the playoffs.

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1. New York Giants

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After winning the Super Bowl last season, the New York Giants finish the season with nine wins and miss the playoffs. With no hope at a repeat, the Giants will be watching the Super Bowl from home instead of playing it.