2013 NFL Playoffs Rumors: Joe Webb in for Minnesota Vikings?

By Craig Ballard


We are just moments away from the 2013 NFL Playoff match-up of the Minnesota Vikings at the Green Bay Packers and word is that the expected week 17 rematch of Aaron Rodgers vs Christian Ponder may not take place (game preview is HERE).

Word is that the team is still saying that Ponder will start tonight, but we know it was Joe Webb who took the first-team snaps this week. It is looking like this will be a Rodgers vs Webb tilt at Lambeau Field.

Despite the fact that Ponder led the second worst passing game in the NFL it had been him that was getting all of the playing time. Webb has thrown as many passes this season as you or I have, which is to say – zero.

In his career Webb has one rush (six yards) and his only career reception came vs the Packers (nine yards). In 2011 Webb had three touchdown passes and zero interceptions on the road. For his career he has completed 53 of his 87 passes on the road (61%).

Leslie Frazier seems confident that he will have Ponder in this game despite the elbow issue that kept the second year quarterback limited all week in practice.

Michael Jenkins is the only wide receiver that will suit up on Saturday who was on the Vikes prior to this season, but he was hurt for the games that Webb played in so these two have no history together. Tight end Kyle Rudolph has some history with Webb, and he is sure to be the top target regardless who the Vikings have under center.

Webb does have four career rushing touchdowns, but I would anticipate the majority of defensive calls tonight for the Packers will be designed to stop a ball-carrier anyway so it is hard to say that his legs are a bonus that could beat the Packers.

The Packers are 2-4 in their last six playoff games at Lambeau, and Rodgers has never won a playoff game at Lambeau. Even so, having a quarterback with zero passes vs Rodgers is the sort of thing that could get ugly.

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