Christian Ponder Dealing with Elbow Injury, Status Unclear vs. Green Bay Packers

By Andrew Fisher

In what is definitely not the news Minnesota Vikings fans wanted to hear this Wild Card Saturday, Christian Ponder is dealing with some signifiacnt problems in his throwing elbow. The injury happened in the game last Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, but it wasn’t severe enough to keep him from finishing the game. The injury is being described as ‘elbow bursitis,’ and some are fearing he’ll have to get the elbow drained.

Here’s the latest on Ponder’s status for tonight’s first-round playoff game:

Altough there is concern over Ponder’s elbow sorness and lack of flexibiltiy, at this time there is no indication that he will not start tonight’s game. Maybe if it wasn’t a playoff game it would be another story, but there is no sign at this time of anyone else being behind center for Minnesota, even given the Twitter frenzy that has started this afternoon.

Fans will have to hope that Ponder can rise above the injury and put it out of his mind for a few hours tonight. The cold temperatures won’t make it any easier – in fact, they will probably make it worse. The elbow injury along with the fact that this is the coldest game Ponder has ever played in are no doubt large concerns for Vikings’ fans.

As if the spotlight wasn’t on Ponder already heading into his first playoff game on the road, now it appears he’s got the deck somewhat stacked against him. After tonight’s game, we’ll all know a lot more about what Christian Ponder is truly made of. I fully expect him to start; as for his results, your guess is as good as mine.

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