Houston Texans Should be Concerned After Winning Tonight

By Scott DelleFave
Foster, Arian 1
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In the first AFC wildcard game the Cincinnati Bengals went down deep in the heart of Texas to take on the Houston Texans where the Texans ultimately were victorious. Despite this victory, there are serious concerns for this team going into next week since they will be taking on New England Patriots up in Foxboro where they got ran over 42-14, it wasn’t pretty.

The routing wasn’t my only concern, also the Texans only had one offensive touchdown, and it was a rushing touchdown with workhorse running back Arian Foster and quarterback Matt Schuab threw an interception return for a touchdown. The Patriots seemingly will lick their proverbial chops.

The Patriots are going to be well rested and prepared next week. The Texans will have to visualize the Patriots as the Tennessee Titans when they beat them 38-14 and attack not to mention hope and pray they catch them on an off day. One thing the Texans can take in solace is that their offensive line kept Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer lead defense which has been potent to say the least through out the regular season.

If Schaub can find all of his targets such as Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, and Kevin Walter with a high degree of accuracy, this could be a much more competitive then the game earlier this year.With all this talk about concern being said, I am looking forward to next week’s match-up between these two excellent teams up in Foxboro.

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