Joe Webb Could End Up Starting Against The Green Bay Packers

By Riley Schmitt
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The backup quarterback is normally one of the most popular players in football. However, you never know what you will get out of them. With Christian Ponder banged up, it is looking more and more like Joe Webb will be under center for the Minnesota Vikings Saturday night.

There were a lot of Vikings fans who were calling for Webb early in the season.  However, Ponder has turned things around over the last few weeks.  In his last game, he was very effective in play action which helped the team clinch a playoff berth.  Webb has some talent but throwing him out there in a playoff game just sounds like bad news.

No one is certain who will be under center when they take on the Green Bay Packers later.  If it is Ponder, he would be dealing with a very sore elbow.  If it is Webb, you have a guy who has never had to make a pressure start in the pros.  There are a lot of pros and cons to each player.  You want to ride with the guy that brought you, so Ponder has to do whatever he can to play.

This will be huge news going forward.  The Packers would be able to stack the box if Webb is in there.  Dare him to beat you with his arm.  We aren’t really sure what he has.  If the Vikings want to pull the upset, they would be better off trying to force Ponder in there than throwing Webb to the wolves.

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