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New York Jets: Seven-Round 2013 NFL Mock Draft

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The 2013 NFL Draft might still be nearly 4 months away, but the time to start digging deep into the prospects is now. Every team has specific needs that are starting to surface whether it’s caused by a lack of talent or an impending loss of a player due to contract restrictions.

This is 1 part of a 32 part series where I will break down a full seven-round mock draft for every NFL team. I am doing this based on several factors. First is their relative position in the draft. After the end of the regular season the top of the order will be set and as each weekend of NFL playoffs end more teams will be set in place for their picks. Second is based on team needs. I’ve gone to great lengths to get as much input from fans for this as possible, but I have to be honest, some fans don’t know their teams as well as they think they do. This will also include any traded or forfeited picks, but by all means if you see I missed a pick that was traded for or away, post it in the comments below so I know.

I am going to start at the top of the draft order, bounce between the top, middle and end, and give you all 3 or so a week until we’ve covered all 32 teams.

This installment is all about the New York Jets. This team has been a source of almost constant drama this season, and was in the headlines more than any of the playoff teams. Without a doubt the Jets have been, uhm, interesting. As far as the draft goes, all discussion will center around the quarterback position and if the Jets will choose to upgrade. I just have a funny feeling that head coach Rex Ryan isn't as concerned about the quarterback depth chart as most fans are, so at this point I wouldn't hold my breath for a first round quarterback.

Having said that, the Jets do need to upgrade their offense in a big way, so the bulk of these picks will center on that side of the football. Getting better weapons in the passing and rushing game are a must, and improving the interior offensive line will also be addressed. This is a team that for as poorly as they played were still very close to becoming a playoff team, so you have to assume there are some pieces in place that can be built off of. But no matter what, the Jets and all things they do are polarizing. You either love them or hate them, so whatever they do is a big deal.

In addition to these team specific mock drafts, I will be updating my one-round mock draft regularly here on Rant Sports, along with full scouting reports on the top prospects, so keep an eye out for those and follow me on Twitter @nfldraftboard for all my other football ramblings.

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First Round-Dion Jordan, DE Oregon

Scott Olmos-US Presswire

The Jets did a good job getting after the quarterback, but their top pass rushers were both 3-4 defensive linemen, so adding a player who can stand up and rush the passer would be a huge benefit, and Jordan in the top 10 is just about right for a player of his ability. But of course when it comes to the Jets, you never know what might happen, so expect the unexpected.

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Second Round-Jonathan Cooper, OG North Carolina

Bob Donnan-US Presswire

The Jets need to revamp the interior of their offensive line, and the guard position is the easiest fix at this point in the draft. Some say Jonathan Cooper is a first round pick, and while I don't disagree his talent is close to that, I can see him slipping into the top of the 2nd round where the Jets would be excited to scoop him up. He's a punishing run blocker and that's something the Jets are going to have to emphasize next season.

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Third Round-EJ Manuel, QB Florida State

Ron Chenoy-US Presswire

I am sure plenty of Jets fans won't be happy if the Jets front office don't address the quarterback sooner than the third round, but EJ Manuel is a very good player. In terms of raw talent, I would put Manuel up with the very best in this draft, but he's just never been able to live up to his potential. I am not sure what the Jets quarterback depth chart will look like next season, but I'm willing to bet it'll be minus at least one of the players on there now, so adding Manuel would make a lot of sense.

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Fourth Round-Tavarres King, WR Georgia

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Among the huge amount of underrated wide receivers in this draft class, Tavarres King might be the most underrated of them all. He's got tons of experience in the toughest conference in all of football, nice size and speed, and is a sneaky deep threat, that the Jets could use.

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Fifth Round-Mike Gillislee, RB Florida

Kim Klement-US Presswire

Don't be shocked if by next April the rest of the draft world has caught up, and Mike Gillislee is taken higher than this. But for now, a high 5th makes sense, and the Jets would jump at the chance for a workhorse power back like Gillislee. He runs harder than a player his size should, and can work inside or outside with good vision and nice field speed.

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Sixth Round-Shamarko Thomas, S Syracuse

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets may not need a safety for next season, but safety Yeremiah Bell is nearing 35 years old, and Shamarko Thomas would be a great understudy this year and be a starter in 2014. Thomas is an excellent and underrated player who is more physically intimidating than overly athletic. Think a little like Bob Sanders but hopefully less injury-prone.

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Seventh Round-Joseph Fauria, TE UCLA

Jayne Kamin Oncea-US Presswire

The future of tight end Dustin Keller seems to be up in the air. If Keller does leave, there is going to be a pretty big hole in that offense. Joseph Fauria is a very nice prospect who's a really good run blocker who's got a ton of potential as a receiver. At this point in the draft, he'd be a really nice value pick that could also fill a need.