New York Jets: Tattoo Madness

By Raymond Mencke


Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

There was some major breaking news yesterday involving New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan.  Wait for it, Ryan has a tattoo.  Incredible, I know.  Ryan doesn’t only have a tattoo on his right arm but it looks like it’s his wife wearing a Jets jersey.  The number also appears to be 6.  Who is number 6 on the roster?  That would be Mark Sanchez.

This news is stunning and it was all over the media yesterday.  The crazy part is this wasn’t a TMZ story where their field people tracked Ryan down in the Bahamas and captured the photograph.  The story was all over the New York newspapers and radio.  What has happened to journalism?

We really have to ask ourselves, how is a story like this news?  I hate to say it but we’re not in the early 1900’s where only sailors or criminals had tattoos.  If you watch any sporting event the majority of the players have them.  Go watch your favorite band in concert I’m willing to bet most of the band members have ink.  Your doctor or dentist can easily have a full sleeve underneath their work attire.  Why is it front page news that a football coach has a tattoo?

Are we really supposed to believe Ryan refused to bench Mark Sanchez because he might have a tattoo of him on his arm?  That has to be the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard.  As bad as Sanchez was this season he probably is the best quarterback on the roster which isn’t saying much.  We know Tim Tebow plays better in games than in practice but if Tebow’s such a great team player why doesn’t he change positions?  There’s this notion that he carried the Denver Broncos to the playoffs last season but no one seems to remember that the Broncos defense was playing out of their minds and was holding every team to low points in their wins.

The Broncos went 7-4 with Tebow as the starter.  In their seven wins the defense held teams to 15, 24, 10, 13, 13, 32 and 10 points.  That averages out to just less than 17 points a game.  An NFL quarterback should be able to get his team to 17 points a game which he did to his credit.  It doesn’t mean it would have worked this season for the Jets.

There was also sentiment that Ryan could lose his players because of the tattoo.  How is that even possible?  For all of Ryan’s faults, his players love playing for him.  Did anyone even think that maybe Ryan’s wife wanted him to get the tattoo and since he loves his wife he obliged?  You think Darrelle Revis is going to be upset because Ryan didn’t get a number 24 for the jersey number?  Is it possible 5 could have been Bubby Brister?  You could look at anyone’s tattoo and think it’s bizarre or comical.  Tattoos are one’s own preference and style.  The great part about this is we don’t even know if it’s real.

The Jets have a press conference scheduled for Tuesday where Ryan will talk to the media.  It’s been uproar because the media claims every team is supposed to have their year-end press conference within one week of their season ending.  The Jets have been getting killed for four years because they talk too much but now they’re quiet and they’re getting killed.  They really can’t win and it’s due to the gossiping New York media.  The fans don’t care what Ryan has to say right now because we don’t even have a general manager.  What is Ryan going to tell us that is newsworthy at this point?

It’s sad that a man can’t even go on vacation without causing a media firestorm due to body ink.

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