NFC Wildcard Playoffs: How Minnesota Vikings Will Defeat Green Bay Packers

By David Miller
Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

If you were to say that the sun is kind of hot, that would be a comparable understatement to saying the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers know each other well. The Packers took the first meeting in December with the Vikings stamping a playoff spot by taking the second December game. Now, just a week later the two meet once again in the NFC Wildcard round. The other two times this has happened in NFL history, the team that took the first match-up also won the playoff game. With odds, history and possibly overall talent stacked against them, how can the Vikings upset the Packers?

A great deal of it centers around two players: Adrian Peterson and Aaron Rodgers. Peterson is going to have to absolutely run the ball down the Packers throats in order for his team to win. No matter who starts at quarterback, the key for the Vikings is to get Peterson somewhere around or above the 200 yard mark. Aaron Rodgers conversely cannot be allowed to sit back and be comfortable. Yards don’t matter as much as him being a little uncomfortable and making mistakes.

If you don’t think it’s a real possibility, think of it this way. Peterson has compiled over four hundred yards in the two December games against the Packers, one of which they won. Yes, even if a normal running back can’t get that many yards against the Packers D, Peterson certainly can. For the Vikings it comes down to that. If Adrian Peterson goes nuts in yardage and touchdowns, and Rodgers is forced into a few mistakes, it won’t matter how many yards the Packers bring in through the air, they will lose.

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