2013 NFL Playoffs: Washington Redskins' Loss A Story of Poor Choices

By Ricky Allen
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports


As the Washington Redskins renaissance season ends with a 24-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks at Fedex Field, the blame game will begin.

In fact, it already has.

You could start with the injury of Robert Griffin III, who looked bad late in the first quarter during a rollout that led to an incomplete pass.  He was later sent to the locker room by head coach Mike Shanahan.  You could blame the bad snap that led to RG3 officially leaving the game in the fourth and watching the season end from the sideline.  You could blame it  on the unraveled secondary Redskins defense in the Second and Third quarter.  And last but not least, you could even chastise Shanahan’s decision not to pull RG3 at the end of the Third quarter when we all realized he had lost his mojo. At that point, you’re just concerned for the guy that showed so much excitement, who brought a last place team into the playoffs on top, and who reignited a community filled with frustration.

Either way, it’s over.

What matters now is the health of RG3. We all enjoyed the season. He gave us all he had. There’s nothing more we could have asked of him because it would have been unfair. Kirk Cousins, while a good quarterback, entered the Fourth quarter with a touchdown and field goal to make up.  It’s unfair to ask the impossible from him as well.  However, all is not lost. This season was a win-win for Shanahan and  General Manager Bruce Allen. Everything went their way, finishing better than the last couple of years.  Everyone played their part: Even Owner Daniel Snyder stayed out the way (retweet that).

And for that, we thank RG3, running back Alfred Morris, and the entire team for having heart.  There will always be a lot of what ifs in a game like this, but when the clock strikes zero, you gotta swallow hard and say, “Good season.”

The Redskins have nothing to be ashamed of.


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