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5 Reasons Why Seattle Seahawks Will Represent NFC in Super Bowl XLVII

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5 Reasons Why the Seattle Seahawks Will Represent NFC in Super Bowl XLVII

Seahawks Super Bowl XLVII
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Can a rookie quarterback lead his team to the Super Bowl? Sure, why not?

With the youth infusion into the league in 2012 at the quarterback position, it is only a matter of time before a rookie comes into the league and catches lightning in a bottle. This year the top two overall picks, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III respectively, have had impressive years leading their clubs to the postseason.

That is quite an accomplishment for a rookie at the single most important position in on the field. The idea of catching lightning in a bottle however implies that a team was just a few players away from making this style of a run a year ago and for teams that held the top two overall selections that clearly wasn’t the case.

For the Seattle Seahawks on the other hand, this team had an average 2011, but just lacked that extra intangible required of a playoff team. That was mainly due to their play at quarterback where Tarvaris Jackson was serviceable, sure, but clearly not a franchise making guy.

Enter Russell Wilson who has quickly earned the belief of every player in that Seattle locker room and shown the ability as a third rounder to come in with supreme confidence and look very much like a first round talent. At 5’11”, many doubted that he could succeed at the NFL level in a land amongst giants. He has thrown for more touchdowns that either Luck or RG3 and has shown to be every bit the on-field leader that those two are as well.

Clearly the Seattle team had talent a year ago, but Wilson has given them that extra special ingredient that they needed to take the next step. The stars seem to have aligned for the Seahawks this postseason so here are five reasons why this team will be road warriors and make it to New Orleans and represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLVII.

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Atlanta Falcons Up Next

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There is still a bit of hesitance to buy into the Atlanta Falcons as a true elite team. They have a proven track record as slow starters after the bye week in the postseason and that bodes well for the Seahawks who are on a roll. The Georgia Dome will almost act as a neutral field site that will play into young team’s hands and allow the Seahawks to keep their bearings under pressure. Look for plenty of blitzes from an aggressive Seattle defense with top notch cover corners behind them and some Matt Ryan mistakes.

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They're Hot

Winning Streak
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Winners of six games in a row after their road playoff triumph over the Washington Redskins, the Seahawks are a team that continues to get better and better as the weeks progress. We have seen in recent years that it isn’t always about the entire body of work, but rather which team is hottest at the right time. For the Seahawks, there is no reason to believe that they can’t continue to ride this wave of momentum all the way to New Orleans in February.

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"Beast Mode"

Marshawn Lynch
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Marshawn Lynch has been running over defenses like a hot knife through butter and we all know how important the running game becomes in the postseason. Having that top flight back to grind down the clock and pick up the tough yardage on third downs is critical to playoff success. The Beast Mode that Lynch seems to access at crucial moments during games is an uncanny ability that really is all about desire. Lynch continues to hate being tackled and that doesn’t bode well for any teams that get in Seattle’s way in the postseason. Their style of play travels well and they will need that in their corner being on the road all the way through the playoffs.

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Overcoming Adversity

Wild Card Round
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If the victory over the Redskins proved nothing else, it showed just how much resilience Seattle has as a team. After falling behind 14-0 and trailing by their largest margin of the entire season, the Seahawks needed a big time stand defensively to even stay in the game and they were able to force a turnover. The team also held it together with an injured kicker through the game and still managed to gut out a win. This team has a real gambler’s quality to it and if you too are the gambling type, bet on them this postseason.

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Already Proven

Proven Commodity
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Now I know that this one may get some backlash, but the Seahawks have already beaten both the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers. Hold up, hold up. The replacement officials may have gifted the end result to Seattle, but they had to play well enough to get into that position at the end anyway. That was also way back in week 3 when this team had yet to really find its identity.

As for the Niners, they did lose at San Fran earlier in the year on a Thursday night in a short-week, but that was when the 49ers had Alex Smith running the show. Their most recent success, a 42-13 drubbing of the Niners, came against Colin Kaepernick and the team as it is currently assembled for the playoffs.

This Seahawks team has proven that is has the gall to take on the NFC’s top competition and that shows that they are ready for a run to the Super Bowl.