Bruce Arians Sent To Hospital Before Playoff Game

By Riley Schmitt
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts simply can’t catch a break this year. The team has faced adversity at every turn and it will continue on Sunday. Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians will miss the game after being sent to the hospital with an illness.

This is going to be big news.  Arians has been the rock that the team has leaned on all year.  Having Chuck Pagano back is big but he is not the guy calling the plays.  Andrew Luck has relied on Arians and now he does not have that option any more.  It could be a huge game changer in a game that could really go either way.

Hopefully Arians can recover quickly and it does not turn into anything more serious.  I know that he would rather be with the team but sometimes you have to put your health ahead of everything else.  The Colts are a smart team and they probably started preparing for this earlier in the morning.

In fact, eccentric owner Jim Irsay hinted at this on Twitter early this morning.  He tweeted that they were going through some late changes and this would count as a late change.  It is never easy to change your playcaller on the fly.

The Colts have overcome almost everything thrown at them this year.  If they want to move on, they will have to do it again.

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