Buffalo Bills Risk Fan Support With Doug Marrone Hire

By Josh Walfish
Buffalo Bills Fans
Richard Mackson- USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills haven’t made the playoffs since 1999. Since then they’ve gone through four permanent head coaches and an interim coach. For Bills fans it has been a nightmare especially with the numerous times the Bills gave them hope for change.

That leads us to the selection of Doug Marrone as the next head coach of the Bills. The former Syracuse coach went 25-25 at the school, a better winning percentage than any of the four coaches Buffalo has had since its last playoff appearance. The hire received mixed reviews from Bills fans with many supporters hoping for a big name coach like Lovie Smith to lead the charge back to the playoffs. The path the Bills chose to go down is very risky and if the risk pays off, fans won’t remember this conversation. However, if the risk doesn’t result in positive changes, expect Bills fans to be extremely upset with management.

The Bills have some of the most passionate fans in the NFL and most of them are blue-collar people who love the Bills with all their heart. Buffalo has become a laughingstock of the league and the Bills have to get this coaching decision right as to not put more egg on their face. Which is why the hire is such a risky move for the Bills. Buffalo went out on a limb to hire Marrone and not some of the higher profile names on the market and if it doesn’t pan out the franchise risks alienating the rabid fan base.

Team owner Ralph Wilson Jr. has said he wants to win now, and the Bills fans hope this move will lead to immediate success. If not, it will be darker times for Bills fans.


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