Cleveland Browns: Manti Te'o Would Look Good In Orange & Brown

By Ryan Ruiz
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

New ownership or not, it is clear that for years the Cleveland Browns have lacked that defensive player that strikes fear in to the eyes of the opposing team. With the Browns drafting sixth, is it possible for stud linebacker Manti T’eo to come to Cleveland?

Tomorrow, the nation will get a magnified look at what T’eo brings to the table. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish take on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Discover BSC National Championship. T’eo, who is captain of the Irish defense, looks to put the finishing touches on his college career before entering the pros.

To me, though he is a linebacker, T’eo is like a Troy Polamalu type player that can fly all over the field. In his final year at Notre Dame, the Laie, HI native had seven interceptions and four pass deflections.

Despite having a corps of young linebackers, the Browns could use a hard hitting speed linebacker like T’eo. The problem with the Browns is that they are in a state of disarray at the moment. Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner have yet to name a head coach and candidates are dropping like flies. Either way, T’eo would fit well in any defense.

Projected to go early to mid first round in mock drafts across the web, the Browns may have the choice to trade down to grab him. That may not be a bad idea seeing as how Cleveland has zero second round picks.

Once again in the 2013 NFL Draft, Cleveland must get a starter right away out of their first round pick. With a defense on the cusp of being very good, it could take a player such as T’eo to put the Browns over the top.

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