DeAngelo Hall Continues To Embarrass Himself On The Football Field

By Riley Schmitt
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

If you happened to not watch NFL football on Sunday, you missed the DeAngelo Hall experience. The Washington Redskins is big on talent but not so big on acting like an adult. During their game, Hall continued his act of yelling at refs, attempting to take cheap shots and generally acting like the world’s highest paid brat.

Hall acts like this every single time he is on the field.  It is past the point of immaturity.  Hall is making the conscious decision to draw attention to himself, but none of it is good.  It does not fire his team up or get the fans behind them.  It makes him look like a spoiled child while most fans look at him and laugh.

It’s not a “ha ha, he’s so funny” laugh either.  It is more of a “holy cow, this dude is an absolute joke” laugh.  Those aren’t good laughs to have.  Hall runs the risk of picking up stupid penalties every game.  The fact he hasn’t had an unsportsmanlike penalty on Sunday is shocking.  Then again, there is still plenty of time for him to get one.  It almost looks like that is his goal.

We will see if Hall acting like a child ends up hurting his team as the playoffs go on.  In fact, don’t be surprised to see a bonehead play by Hall hurt his team.  He keeps temping fate with it, so a crucial penalty is almost bound to happen at this point.

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