Does Every team Need A DeAngelo Hall Type Player?

By Devin O'Barr

The loudmouth, the cocky guy, the fight-starter: all can rightfully describe the Washington Redskins top defensive back, DeAngelo Hall. In nine NFL seasons Hall has always been a thorn in the side of both offensive masterminds and his sometimes own defensive coordinators. It has been said that he has worn out his welcome with both the Atlanta Falcons and the Oakland Raiders.

A little bit of edge is expected in he NFL, in fact if you don’t have it you just don’t belong in the sport. With that being said Hall’s antics have been over-the-top in the playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks. Every single tackle Hall has made has been followed with a brief yet noticeable barrage of trash talking. Social media has not taken kindly to Hall being in the middle of a few scrums in this game.

His gestures led the viewers at home to believe Hall is a dirty player who doesn’t belong in the NFL. Now, on the same day Ray Lewis receives praise upon praise for his luminescent hora Hall gets bashed for his. Is it Lewis’s production on defense that sets him in a league of  his own in terms of trash talk?

It’s not that I’m defending Hall’s actions, but I’m questioning the standard as to whats acceptable at this level. In my mind, I would love to have a player like Hall on my favorite team. If indeed he produced, as his added attitude is something that goes missing on a lot of playoff teams.

I can relate it to a MLB manager getting thrown out of a baseball game. Baseball purists believe it “riles up” the team to play at another level.

Sticking to the NFL, Hall may not be a perfect role model or have the upmost character, but he is getting paid to make football plays, not make friends. As long as Hall’s actions do not lead to penalties, I see no problem with his motormouth.

What do you think?

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