Indianapolis Colts: Don’t Give Baltimore Credit Colts Beat Themselves in Today’s Playoff Loss

By Eric Smith
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

If you looked at the stats and stats alone you would have thought the Indianapolis Colts dominated the Baltimore Ravens and would be advancing to a matchup with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos next Saturday afternoon.

The Colts had 25 first downs to Baltimore’s 18. Indianapolis also ran 31 more plays than the Ravens and had the ball 15 more minutes than them with a 37:32-22:28 advantage. Mix in the Ravens committing nine penalties for 70 yards and the Colts only five for 37 yards.

You also may think they won by Joe Flacco only completing 12 passes to Andrew Luck’s 28 and Ray Rice only rushing for 70 yards on the ground with only 15 attempts. Basing the game off that it would look like a rout by the Colts.

But, the Colts failed to do something so easy and that’s put the ball in the end zone.

Indianapolis had their opportunities. They were in scoring reach five times. If they do what normal NFL teams do and get touchdowns on just three of those five drives they score 27 points and win this game. But, the offensive line failed to adjust and give the protection Luck needed and the receivers dropped the ball literally in not catching very easy passes.

Don’t give the Ravens credit either.

That was nothing they did. They’ve run that system for the last decade. They bring the heat on third downs and the Colts knew that. They had every opportunity to convert and did good routes actually. The line just failed to give Luck time to allow his receivers to get through their route and get open. That’s all on the offensive line.

Instead of extending drives to the end zone it would stop short for a field goal. That’s all the Colts’ fault and bad play calling.

Then, on the other side of the ball the defense played pretty well except for a few guys. They held Baltimore to next to nothing and when Flacco only completes 12 passes and Rice only runs for 70 yards there’s no reason they should win. But, when the Colts corners fail to just do something as simple as turn around and intercepting very easy passes and allow just four big plays that becomes the difference in the game.

The Ravens had no business even getting on the scoreboard today. They will get routed in Denver next week if they play like that. Reality is this Colts team just didn’t play with heart today. It was simple as that.

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