Indianapolis Colts: Loss Today Proves Bruce Arians Value to Team

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts suffered yet another big time blow this morning when their once interim coach and current offensive coordinator Bruce Arians was hospitalized with an illness. He wouldn’t be healthy enough to coach in today’s game so the team had to go with former offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen calling the plays.

That alone was a big enough reason to why the Colts lost today.

Christensen, has always been a conservative play caller taking what the defense gives him. Arians, is the exact opposite and takes risks and puts the ball where it needs to be. Put all the blame on the Colts’ offensive line and Christensen’s inability to call plays as the reasons why the Colts didn’t make it in the end zone.

Fact is Christensen was scared of Baltimore’s defense. He didn’t want to take chances and wanted to just be conservative. You can’t coach like that in the NFL. Today was ever more evidence that the team needs to pay Arians and compensate him so he retires a Colt.

Many teams are interested in Arians to come in and be their next head coach. He went 9-3 in an interim role with the team and led them to the playoffs. His signal calling all year put the Colts in situations to win games. The Colts were 9-1 in one possession fourth quarter drives this season with Arians at the helm.

When Christensen was calling plays like last year it looked very similar. A scared coach who doesn’t know what he’s doing afraid to take risks and make big plays. The Colts had 65+ completions of over 20+ yards during the regular season.

Today, they attempted zero 20+ yard passes. ZERO.

Again, Christensen afraid to make the big plays. He took it conservative and lost the game for Indianapolis. It shows he needs to retire and get as far away from this team as possible. Arians needs to be the offensive coordinator and is the TRUE coach all year. Award the man.

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