Indianapolis Colts: Weaknesses Exposed in Embarrassing Loss to Baltimore

By Eric Smith
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Many will look back on this season and say hey just be happy the Indianapolis Colts were in this situation. They won 11 games and made the playoffs in year one of a rebuilding effort. No one gave this team any hope after going 2-14 last year and releasing nearly all the once dominant players in the franchises history.

The national media thought the Colts would be lucky to win four games this year and thought they would be in the running for yet another top five pick in April’s draft. With relying on more than 50 percent of your offense through rookies and having a rookie coach and a new GM that wasn’t too far fetched.

The Colts overachieved and should have actually won today in Baltimore against the Ravens. They had a better team and a better attack, but failed to play ChuckStrong.

There were two holes that needed to be addressed and both were exposed.

The offensive line showed why they should be among the worst in the NFL as they gave up 39 sacks on rookie Andrew Luck during the regular season. Today, they failed to protect him and did their best matador impressions and allowed two to three Ravens defenders open shots at Luck all day. Luck was forced to throw quickly and could never get anything downfield due to this.

Expect Indianapolis to address this issue in the offseason and have many new faces on the line next year as today was a very unacceptable performance out of that unit. Don’t give me the Ravens were that much better either. That defense is old and banged up. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to beat them. Lack of protection and dropped balls are the Colts’ fault not what the Ravens did.

The other hole that needs to be addressed in the offseason is getting another cornerback. Vontae Davis did a stellar job all day and didn’t give up an inch in the first half. Then, a dismal Joe Flacco took shots at the other side and exposed Cassius Vaughn. He did a good job actually on covering receivers, but failed to do a simple task of just turning around.

Vaughn, could have had at least two interceptions if he just TURNED AROUND. He was there. He must not have got the memo that this wasn’t a track and field meet rather a football game where you don’t run next to someone and not turn around.

The Colts finally wised up and benched him, but his replacement Darius Butler did the same thing. He gave up a huge touchdown to give the Ravens a 24-9 lead when he could have just turned around and intercepted a weak Flacco pass. Instead, he just tried to get his arm in and knock the ball out and that’s something that will never happen. Just pick it off and make a play.

These two issues need to be addressed or the Colts will never get passed the WildCard round in the playoffs. They will exploit other teams and do enough to get in, but never beat good teams.

Don’t get me wrong the Ravens are a good team, but the Colts are better. Two units let this team, their leukemia stricken coach, and an entire city down. Shame on them and their efforts today.

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