Joe Webb Average Under Heavy Playoff Pressure In First Start Of Season

By Andy Schmidt
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

How would you like to show up at your job and get thrown into a pressure situation that you haven’t dealt with in a long time?

That is the situation that Joe Webb faced Saturday night for the Minnesota Vikings, having to start for the injured Christian Ponder in the NFC Wild Card Game at the Green Bay Packers. Webb played well as Minnesota went down to defeat but there is no way to measure the amount of pressure that Webb must have been under.

The Vikings have been a one-man team basically with Adrian Peterson this season and while Ponder has done just enough to keep Minnesota afloat and in the playoffs, most people knew when they saw Webb starting that the dream was over.

Webb reminds me some of the new generation of run-pass combo quarterbacks, but just doesn’t have the same talent. Webb is more of a change of pace quarterback who can confuse a defense for one or two plays but is not an every down player.

Ponder certainly will be ready to go in 2013 and surely would have loved to have played, but I guess his triceps injury was just too much. Ponder did play the second half of the season finale so I was a bit shocked that he didn’t play, but it must have been worse than anyone thought. Webb though for one night did the best he possibly could in a rough situation.

I’m sure some team out there will give Webb a chance if they think Webb can be molded even more as a quarterback.

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