Marvin Lewis Has To Step Up As Playoff Coach

By Andy Schmidt
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The AFC Wild Card Game gave Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis another chance to win his first playoff game. Once again, Lewis was denied that win as the Bengals lost to the Houston Texans. I’m starting to think that maybe the problem isn’t all the players here but could instead be Lewis.

Cincinnati roared into the playoffs, winning seven of their last eight games to force the rematch from last year’s wild card round with Houston but came up noticeably short. I don’t know who exactly drew up the game plan but the team seemed to forget that they have a Pro Bowl wide receiver in A.J. Green. Green was invisible in the first half with no catches and while he had a better second half, it was still subpar.

Lewis needed to find a way to get the ball into Green’s hands in the first half whether through some short passes or a screen. It looked like Cincinnati was doomed without Green getting more touches.

I’m not saying that Cincinnati should fire Lewis, because making the playoffs two straight years is a big deal but maybe the Bengals get an offensive coordinator that isn’t afraid to get the ball to their best receiver in the first half of a playoff game. Green did have 11 targets but just five catches and Andy Dalton was horrible in the first half but some of the blame has to go on Lewis here.

If you can’t win a single playoff game, how on earth are you supposed to win a Super Bowl?

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