New York Giants Need To Be Faster At Linebacker

By jason evans


Brad Penner — US Presswire

The way the NFL is being played is changing. We just watched Russell Wilson and Robert Griffin III face each other in the NFC playoffs. Colin Kapernick has yet to play. Cam Newton didn’t make it. The point is, is that there are more offenses using the pistol and option and read option. This isn’t going to be going away. You can bet that other teams are going to figure out how to incorporate it into their offense. The New York Giants are going to have to adjust to it and one way is to increase the linebacker speed.

Michael Boley is the one linebacker that have with speed. They are a different defense when he is in there, though you have to question whether or not the coaching staff still likes him since he was benched. Chase Blackburn is a free agent and there is no guarantee he is brought back to the team. Mark Herzlich could replace him, however, to me he doesn’t have the speed to be a consistent starter in the league. Jacquain Williams is a question mark. He really helped two years ago, but this year was injured too much to be a factor. The same could be said for Keith Rivers.

The Giants usually draft the best player available, however, getting a linebacker in the draft could be very beneficial, along with signing one in free agency. Along with corner, the linebacker corps was a weak link on the defense. They need to increase the speed at the position to deal with the faster quarterbacks and running backs that are going to be a part of the league for years to come.



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