NFL Rumors: Chicago Bears Looking Across The Border For New Head Coach

By Evan Crum
John E. Sokolowski-US Presswire

The Chicago Bears are looking north of the border for their potential head coach. The Bears are bringing in Montreal Alouettes head coach Marc Trestman. I think this is a good thing.

First, let’s dive into the history of Trestman. Trestman has considerable NFL experience. He has coached Steve Young, Rich Gannon and Bernie Kosar. In five seasons with the Alouettes, Trestman has won the Grey Cup twice, back to back in 2009 and 2010. Trestman was the Canadian Football League (CFL) Coach Of The Year 2009.

He is considered a quarterbacks guru. Trestman actually worked with Jay Cutler in 2006, before Cutler was drafted. Trestman worked with Brandon Weeden before he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns. He also coached Anthony Calvillo, who is the starting quarterback of the Alouettes, to the Most Outstanding Player award in 2009.

Players that have worked with Trestman have a lot of respect for him as a coach and person. On Trestman’s website, Weeden says the following about him, “I thought it was my important few days leading up to the (2012) draft. Getting to get up on the board and talk through West Coast systems, and then be able to go out on the field and put some of those things to use. Marc is an extremely knowledgeable football mind and his obvious success everywhere he has been proves that he knows how to develop and teach quarterbacks.”

I think that Trestman is a perfect fit for the Bears and is what Phil Emery is looking for. The NFL is turning into a pass first league and that is what the CFL is. In the CFL, there are only three downs instead of four. That means that all CFL teams and coaches need to understand offense and need to understand the passing game. Emery wants someone that knows offense and that would be Trestman.

Since Trestman is considered a quarterbacks guru, his expertise would help Cutler. One of the big problems with Cutler is his fundamentals. I think that if the Bears hired Trestman he could help with Cutlers fundamentals immediately.

I know that many Bears fans laugh at the CFL and most find it funny that an NFL team would even look at a coach from the CFL. Well, a news flash Bears fans, the CFL is no joking matter. It is a different type of game up in Canada but, like I have said, the NFL is becoming an offense first league.

So, let me be on the record right now in saying that I would have no problem with the Bears signing Trestman as a head coach. Since Trestman has been in Montreal I think it would be appropriate if I said bonne chance, j’espère que vous obtenez le travail (Good luck, I hope you get the job).

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