Ray Rice Needs to Secure the Football

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Ray Rice is one of the league’s best running back. But in today’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, he’s had two costly fumbles. If the Baltimore Ravens hope to make noise in the playoffs, Lewis needs to hold onto the football.

Considering Rice has been one of the league’s best running backs with 1,216 carries in his career and seven fumbles in his career (0ne this season), this is quite ominous for the Ravens. While the Ravens have dodged two bullets and gave up no points on these fumbles, sooner or later these turnovers will result in points.

The bigger issue for Rice and the Ravens is the confidence factor. Without a doubt, Rice is the most important player on the Ravens’ offense, so he has to be at his best if the Ravens hold on today. Even the slightest lack of confidence by Rice or the Ravens could result in another disappointing playoff run.

Bernard Pierce is Rice’s backup and continues to impress in that role. If the Ravens have doubts about Rice, they can give the ball to Pierce more than usual. Even with his success, this offense revolves around Pierce. It should be noted that Joe Flacco is playing one of his best games of the year Anquan Boldin is helping the cause, but Rice has to be on his game as well.

If this score holds up, the Ravens will travel and play the Denver Broncos next week. It will be a difficult task, but Rice needs to be on his game if the Ravens hope to pull off the upset.

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