Washington Redskins Made Mistake By Not Playing Kirk Cousins

By Riley Schmitt
Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III is a great young talent but his knee was clearly messed up on Sunday. The poor guy had no mobility and it was clear to everyone that he was not near himself. However, the Washington Redskins stuck with him and it ended up costing them. Why did the team not give Kirk Cousins his shot?

RG3 is going to be great.  However, he could not move.  That hurts a lot more than his running ability.  As a QB, your throwing gets messed up when you can’t plant your leg.  You can’t drive off of it and get any power behind your throws.  That is what happened to him on Sunday.  It was quite painful to watch, actually.  He had open guys but he kept sailing throws.  His leg just wouldn’t let him finish off a pass.

Cousins looked fine when he had to play this year.  He could have came in and ran the offense effectively.  The Redskins invested a lot in Griffin.  They were running the risk of limiting him for more than this game.  That is why you take advantage of a guy like Cousins.  He can come in there and limit mistakes.  The offense was brutal in the air and Cousins could have helped that.

However, it is too late to change it.  The Redskins rode with RG3 but it ended up failing.  The team is going home while the Seattle Seahawks move on.  The Redskins had the advantage but by throwing Griffin out there, they wasted their advantage.

I hope Griffin is fine after this.  The team was risking his future when Cousins should have been the guy.

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