Washington Redskins Should Fire Mike Shanahan For Keeping Robert Griffin III in Game Against Seattle Seahawks

By Dan Parzych
(Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports)

After jumping out to an early 14-0 lead, it appeared the Washington Redskins would have no trouble getting by the Seattle Seahawks during Wild Card Weekend of the 2013 NFL Playoffs. Unfortunately, everything went downhill for the Redskins following their second touchdown of the game when Robert Griffin III went to the locker room with a knee injury–even though he managed to come back into the game.

Still, when watching Griffin play over the final three quarters, it was clear he should have never been in the game as he was nowhere nearly as effective as before. What’s even worse–Mike Shanahan‘s decision to keep Griffin in the game over Kirk Cousins may have a major impact on his star quarterback’s future as he appeared to suffer a serious injury on his knee towards the end of the fourth quarter when the Redskins fumbled the football over a bad snap deep in their own territory.

Shanahan has every reason in the world to want to keep Griffin in the game considering it’s the playoffs, but the head coach should have been thinking about the team’s future in this circumstance instead of the current moment. For a head coach that’s received plenty of criticism throughout his career, Shanahan should be fired for this type of decision to keep Griffin in the game for the final three quarters when he clearly should have been resting up on the sidelines.

What’s the point of having a reliable backup like Cousins when Shanahan isn’t going to even use him? Better yet, what’s more important–keeping your injured quarterback in a game or making sure he’s healthy enough to lead the team at the start of the 2013 regular season?

Thanks to Shanahan’s idiotic decision to keep Griffin in the game, the Redskins will be watching the rest of the playoffs from home after losing a game they could have easily won if a healthy Cousins had entered the game in the first half. Instead, Cousins was forced to enter the game when Griffin couldn’t stand anymore and by that time–it was already too late for the Redskins.

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