Andy Reid Can Turn the Kansas City Chiefs Around in One Season

By Kase Brammer
Andy Reid
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If you are one of the many fans in the world who believe Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is washed up, you are flat out crazy. Reid did not take his decision to go with the Chiefs lightly and he is never going to be in a situation where he doesn’t want to be somewhere. Reid won 140 games with the Philadelphia Eagles, including 10 of the 19 playoff games. That kind of success is not luck and can be contributed to his, at times, genius play calling.

In my opinion, he made QB Donovan McNabb into a potential Hall of Fame candidate by taking a risk that not many teams would take. The man has taken the coaching aspect of the game to heart, creating players that play way over their head at times and would not experience the same success elsewhere. Reid is an extension of the great NFL coach Mike Holmgren, a man who made the decision to go to the Seattle Seahawks after years of success in the Green Bay Packers organization.

There are some strange similarities there and, in my opinion, the Chiefs are a lot better off than the Seahawks were back in 1999 when Holmgren took them to the playoffs in his first season. The Chiefs are hurting on defense, but on offense, they could be just one coach away from making Matt Cassel into the quarterback he was with the New England Patriots during an 11-5 season after Tom Brady destroyed his knee.

The Chiefs have a core that can compete right now and Reid knows it. RB Jamaal Charles and WR Dwayne Bowe are offensive weapons that will be used right under Reid. In 2013, you can bet on 1,400 yards receiving from Bowe and more than 2,200 yards from scrimmage from Charles. If the Chiefs are smart, they trade their first overall pick for two lower first rounders and pick up a defender and an offensive linemen. In the second round, they get another defender. In one of the later rounds, they go after a young quarterback that Reid can mold into the next big thing.

The Chiefs may not make the playoffs in 2013, but an 8-8 season is not out of the question. Just look at what a good coach and a new quarterback, as well as a revived veteran force, did for the Indianapolis Colts. Nobody expected them to make the playoffs or win 11 games, but that is what happened. The Chiefs are preparing for the future, but what fans don’t realize is their future is closer than they think.

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