Atlanta Falcons vs. Seattle Seahawks: May the Best Bird Win

By Ken Grace
Daniel Shirey–US Presswire

With their 24-14 victory of the Washington Redskins, the Seattle Seahawks move on to the divisional round to take on the top-seeded Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome.

Seattle will come into Atlanta as arguably the hottest team in the NFL and with a bandwagon that swells by the hour and why not? The Seahawks have played some of the best football in the league all season, they have the coolest uniforms around and they have a hotshot rookie QB in Russell Wilson. Not to mention their head coach, Pete Carroll is one of the cookiest characters around when it comes to game planning. All of that makes the Seahawks a very likeable team besides the fact that the Green Bay Packers would like another shot at them.

The Seahawks will be a tough match up for Atlanta because they can match up very well with the Falcons. Seattle has strong corners who can match up with the power of Roddy White and Julio Jones. Speaking of defense, Seattle is extremely physical on D, something Atlanta has struggled with all year long; remember those games against the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys. Another challenge the Falcons will face this weekend is the Seahawks running game and the mobility of Wilson; again things Atlanta has struggled with this season.

The good news for Atlanta is they are 2-0 this year against teams whose mascot is a bird of some sort; they beat the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cardinals this year. They also are coming off of somewhat of a bye and a loss, two things the Falcons have handled very well. Throw in the fact, Atlanta has been doubted all year long as legit playoff contenders who have lost their last three playoff games to the eventual NFC Super Bowl representative…oh yeah the Falcons will be extremely motivated.

This is Atlanta’s year to reach the Super Bowl but they are going to have to earn it. They are capable of beating Seattle and have all the weapons to do so. This game will really be about the Falcons ability to “rise up” to the occasion and expectations.

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